What to expect


You’ll receive confirmation of your reservation with a request to provide us with your dietary restrictions,

if any, as well as your cell number.


The day before the event, you’ll receive a text message instructing you on how to get there.

Since the instructions will begin from the nearest metro station, we encourage you to use public transportation.

If you prefer to use your car, please park it at the indicated radius from the metro station.

On site

Experience duration: 2h30

Be ready to enjoy a mouth-watering gastronomic experience!

And make sure to arrive 15 minutes AHEAD of time.

No latecomer will be allowed.

Dress Code

We love creativity, so feel free to be original with your clothing!

While not mandatory, dressing up will definitely add to the enchantment.

We only have one requirement: ALL participants must bring beach tongs (flip flops),

because, at one point, you’ll be asked to remove your shoes… but not for long!

Experiential Gastronomy

2 options:

5 course menu with non-alcoholic beverages (Perrier water) 120,00$ (tips included)

5 course menu with alcoholic beverages (wine pairings) 148,00$ (tips included)

Note: We’ll ask you to provide us with any food restrictions you may have in a subsequent.


Surprises often create the best memories.

To ensure the other participants enjoy the same degree of enchantment,

we respectfully ask you to keep everything you see during the event a secret.

We trust that we can count on your discretion.


Departures : In groups of 20 people

  • Thursday - Departure 17h30
  • Thursday - Departure 19h30

  • Friday - Departure 17h30
  • Friday - Departure 19h30

  • Saturday - Departure 18h00
  • Saturday - Departure 20h00
    MAI 2019
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